EPA Will Test For PFCs At Coakley Landfill Site

Seacoastonline reported on April 28, 2016 that the Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to test for PFC’s in the water around the Coakley Landfill in Rye and North Hampton.

The news was delivered to the North Hampton Select Board by Governor Maggie Hassan after the North Hampton Select Board wrote to the EPA earlier this week asking it to test for a whole range of PFCs.

While the EPA has agreed to test the water at the Coakley Landfill, it was requested that the EPA expand the testing area to include the two watersheds near the landfill and expand to test private wells in the area.

A group of officials including state lawmakers will be pushing the EPA to expand the testing area according to State Rep. David Borden, D-New Castle.

This is an important development regarding the Coakley Landfill and for everyone affected by the water concerns at the former Pease Air Force Base and Seabrook Station.

I stand with Representative Borden and other elected officials to expand the test area and provide leadership in ensuring our water is safe and the possible contamination from these sites is contained.