Building A Strong Economy By Promoting New Hampshire And Streamlining Government Serivces

Just 15 years ago New Hampshire was enjoying a growth spurt that dramatically improved our business development climate. Today, we face slow growth with many employers looking for the next generation of highly trained, skilled workers. This next election is about examining how we can recapture that strong economy, manage population growth and keep our young people here.

Kate Luczko, Executive Director of Stay, Work, Play, NH acknowledges there is a challenge, but believes that there are a lot of opportunities to do big things right here in New Hampshire, and says that “by staying in New Hampshire, you are able to be a big fish in a small pond.” She is speaking to our young people and those who’ve left, but might considering returning.

Matt Cookson, Executive Director of the NH High Tech Council says there are a lot of help wanted signs around and that well-paying jobs are going unfilled. Low taxes, raising a family and our natural resources should be marketed aggressively outside of NH to brand our state as a destination. An option he feels is for the state legislature to get behind a social media marketing plan and “put out that digital help wanted sign.”

In addition to more aggressive marketing of NH’s advantages, there is a growing call to take a comprehensive look at state government regulations so our government is a more solid and reliable partner in helping us all accomplish our goals. Clearly, this requires buy-in from all of our elected officials and most likely a thorough study of our current regulations by a non-partisan group made up of business, education, elected officials at all levels.

I’m particularly interested in a review of operating practices and regulations, because as a selectman, businessman and non-profit fundraiser I’ve seen how decisions in Concord can have unintended consequences on our lives.