It's Time to Provide Public Water to Families Near the Coakely Landfill

I was saddened to read this morning that Portsmouth’s City Planner Peter Britz, writing on behalf of the Coakley Landfill Group that “public water connections requested by the town of Greenland are neither necessary nor warranted at this time.” This response gives little comfort to Greenland residents who live near the Coakley Landfill site, especially the 50 who in good conscious made an impassioned and reasoned plea at Monday night's Greenland Selectman meeting to protect them against potential contaminants flowing out of the site.

The full text of Peter Britz’s response is included on the media section of my site.

Families who live near the site didn’t bargain for this when they decided to settle in Greenland, raise their families, attend our school and enjoy this beautiful setting in the Seacoast.

I applaud the Greenland Selectmen who unanimously called for Portsmouth to supply public water to these frightened families, water that is pumped from our own well in Greenland!

It was clear during last Monday’s Greenland Selectman’s meeting that our town’s elected officials are on top of this and strongly encouraged our residents to take this matter directly to the Portsmouth City Council. Greenland Town Administrator Karen Anderson said that the management teams of the affected communities are also actively communicating about this concern that stretches beyond Greenland.

I was heartened to read that It sounds like Greenland will get a hearing by the Portsmouth City Council as reported in the December 14, 2016 Portsmouth Herald. We should. Portsmouth was the biggest use of the landfill in North Hampton and Greenland from 1972-1982. Greenland has unfortunate distinction of hosting this site.

At least our elected officials are demonstrating their care and concern. It would be nice if those who are responsible for the management and oversight of the landfill would demonstrate this same concern for the safety and health of our citizens.