Thanks To Greenland Safe Water Action

On Monday December 12, the Greenland Safe Water Action organized and presented before the Portsmouth City Council a compelling and emotional plea to provide safe drinking water to residents along Breakfast Hill Road in Greenland worried about their proximity to the Coakley Landfill.

Greenland Selectman Paul Sanderson requested that Portsmouth city councilors listen carefully to the Greenland residents assembled in the hall and invited the councilors to join with Greenland officials to find a way to bring safe drinking water to the affected area in Greenland.

The Portsmouth Herald provided extensive coverage of the meeting and followed up with more in-depth analysis of the situation. The articles are attached in the Press section of this site.

I want to commend Greenland Safe Water Action for organizing a thoughtful, and information packed presentation.

I noticed that the Portsmouth councilors were engaged and listening carefully to Greenland residents who are in the path of the potentially expanding plume that may contain toxic substances leaching from the Coakley Landfill.