Greenland Residents Push EPA for Stricter Water Standards

More than 150 people packed the cafe at Bethany Church in Greenland, NH Thursday night to hear why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the health advisory level for two dangerous PFCs at 70 parts per trillion, when other states use lower-and more protective-numbers.

Community leaders including Greenland residents with extensive water quality and geologic experience wanted to know why 70 parts per trillion is a standard for New Hampshire and whether that will ever be changed.

That number is three times what the limit is in Vermont and both former Portsmouth city council member Stefany Shaheen and State Rep. Mindi Messmer, D-Rye agreed that this number should be lowered and Messmer said residents should be careful about drinking water from their residential wells.

I am co-sponsoring state legislation with Rep. Messmer to establish a permanent commission to deal with water issues throughout the state and to establish safe drinking water standards for NH. Two bills have been introduced in the NH House of Representatives, with two more coming soon that deal with these issues important to everyone in the state.

A more complete report on Thursday's meeting is available on the Press section below.