Time To Get Serious About Coakley Landfill

That's the title of an editorial published by the Portsmouth Herald July 17.

The NH Department of Environmental Services has acknowledged that contamainatns from the Coakley landfill are migrating from the Superfund cleanup site and measures should be put into place to stop it.

I've included a link to the piece in the Press Section below. It's a detailed write-up on the Coakley landfill status and a strong call to fix this situation now.

The Portsmouth Herald said, "Those who argue the levels of contamination are less than an almost arbitrary number are probably not drinking the water or willing to on a daily basis."

The most pressing question is how PFCs are leaching from the landfill and gettin ginto Berry's brook, instead of seeping into the ground."


Thank you Portsmouth Herald for standing with our area legislators and local residents for a clearly stated demand that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency take immediate action.