Feasiblity Study to Begin

A $200,000 grant has been made available to look at how to extend a city water line already located in Greenland to homes on Breakfast Hill Road which are located near the Coakley landfill, a Superfund cleanup site.

Portsmouth Mayor Jack Blalock and Greenland Selectmen Chairman Vaughan Morgan in June sent a letter to the state seeking $17.3 million in state money to extend a water line to the homes around the Coakley landfill. $200,000 was awarded to begin a study on how to accomplish this.

The study will also look at the best way for the city to bring water to Breakfast Hill Road residents, including water that’s from a water line in Rye or one in Greenland.

I’ve attached an article from the Portsmouth Herald dated January 24, 2018 that describes in detail the grant and the next steps.