Cleaning Up The Coakley Landfill

On February 20, 2018 the NH House Environment and Agricultural Committee heard testimony regarding the clean-up of the Coakley landfill located in North Hampton and Greenland.

In my testimony I insisted that the NH Department of Environmental Services get to work on mitigating the Coakley landfill with a pump and treat cleaning system, which some believe should have been installed when the landfill was closed back in the ‘90’s.

I focused on how the location of the Coakley is having a detrimental impact not only on the health of residents, but the overall perception of Greenland as being a clean and safe place to buy a house and raise a family. My complete testimony can be found below.

Greenland’s Jillian Lane gave great testimony about the hazards of the materials that were dumped in the landfill, the DES said the contaminants have not reached the level at which they will act, and the Coakley Landfill Group testified that they’ve been meeting their obligations as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency. We’ll see how the committee decides on this bill and whether it will move to the floor with a recommendation of ought to pass. The committee recommendation on the bill will be made next Tuesday.

The entire bill, HB 1766-FN and can be found on the NH General Court website.