House Gives Final Approval To Family Leave Bill

The House of Representatives voted 171-162 to give final House approval to HB 628, legislation which establishes a paid family and medical leave program in New Hampshire. The bipartisan legislation has now passed the House three times in 2018, following reviews by committees on Labor, Commerce, and Finance. The bill will now head to the Senate for further review.

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff said, “passing this bill is the most important thing the House will do this term to benefit the young families of New Hampshire. House Democrats understand how beneficial a sustainable family leave program will be to the retention of young, skilled workers – the very people New Hampshire needs to grow our state’s economy.”

“The private leave program endorsed by Republicans on House Finance would have placed onerous mandates on employers and provided few, if any, viable options for employees to purchase coverage. House Democrats joined the business community in strongly opposing the unworkable Finance Republican proposal. I thank our caucus as well as the 19 House Republicans who rejected the Finance Republican proposal, paving the way for passage of the bipartisan leave program which cleared the House today.”

Representative Mary Stuart Gile (D-Concord) and prime sponsor of the bill said, “the New Hampshire Family and Medical Leave Program will provide a unique and sustainable benefit to support working families with income replacement in times of family and medical need. This program will help attract a younger workforce with the skills and talent to move our state’s economy in a positive direction. I look forward to working with the Senate to advance this proactive legislation to the Governor’s desk.”