No Answer To Who's In Charge

“Who’s running the show here,” became the question of the evening at the latest public meeting regarding the Coakley landfill. April 5, 2018 about 100 residents from the area surrounding the Coakley landfill met at Bethany Church in Greenland for an update and report on the progress being made to clean-up the landfill.

Residents left the meeting without any new plans to either clean up the landfill or provide municipal water to the families living around it.

The meeting was hosted by both state and federal regulators and several people at the meeting expressed frustration that neither the Environmental Protection Agency nor the N.H. Department of Environmental Services had forced the Coakley Landfill Group to clean up Berry’s Brook, which is adjacent to the landfill.

Michael Wimsatt, director of the DES Waste Management Division said it would be most prudent to implement some kind of active remedy there to improve the water quality in Berry’s Brook. Wimsatt said that the CLG declined to participate in any clean-up work. He said that if the agency was in a position to compel the CLG to clean-up the brook, “we would do that.”

At this time, there is a bill moving through the NH Senate that asks the NH DES to begin remediating the situation at the Coakley landfill.

The NH House passed this bill recently, and now awaits a vote in the Senate.