Senate Blocks Coakley Pump & Treat Bill

The NH Senate passed a "watered down version" of a House bill that required the NH DES to clean-up the Coakley landfill.

An amendment offered by Senator Dan Innis to better align the bill with the House version was defeated, and the Senate went onto pass a bill that calls on DES to report back to lawmakers on PFC testing at Coakley and other hazardous waste sites. The House bill called for cleaning up the site.

Senator Innis said, "I think it's an unfortunate setback for those of us that want to see Coakley cleaned up.

Senator Martha Fuller-Clark said that the DES, Coakley Landfill Group and the Environmental Protection Agency this week began sampling wells around the landfill, as well as testing bedrock wells and fish tissue sampling in Berry' Brook to determine levels of contamination.

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley said federal law gives the ultimate authority of Superfund sites to the EPA with DES participation. He said the EPA has said no other state has passed similar legislation regarding Superfund sites.