Education Savings Account Legislation Is Sent To Interim Study

Legislation which establishes taxpayer funded “education savings accounts” to subsidize tuition for New Hampshire children attending private school, has been sent to interim study.

Under SB 193, Statewide Education Property Tax dollars would have been transferred to an eligible child’s savings account upon application. The funds can then be used to subsidize the cost of homeschooling or tuition at religious or other private schools.

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff said “New Hampshire’s Constitution is crystal clear – the use of taxpayer dollars to support the schools of any religious sect or denomination is prohibited. This legislation was fatally flawed as it specifically allowed for the use of tax dollars to fund religious education.

Further, SB 193 would have slashed education funds to local communities by millions of dollars, forcing taxpayers to choose between maintaining education and increasing property taxes.”

“Our constituents did not send us here to force them to choose between educating their children and increasing taxes. New Hampshire children, New Hampshire schools, and New Hampshire taxpayers are better served by the House not passing SB 193.”