House Passes Legislation Harmful To New Hampshire

The House of Representatives wrapped up its 2018 legislative session passing a number of bills onto the Governor for signature and several bills will have a detrimental effect on New Hampshire if signed into law, according to House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook).

“Rollbacks to child labor laws and legislation to micromanage the Public Utilities Commission are particularly concerning. The voters will have their say in November and I hope they take a close look at the members who support legislation that harms our great state,” according to Shurtleff.

Passage of SB 318, which amends certain provisions of the youth employment law increases permissible youth employment hours without any demonstrable need. Zero kids testified to their desire to work more hours than is allowed under current law and absent a clear reason, there is no reason to roll back youth employment protections.

Passage of HB 317, relative to the system benefits charge increases energy efficiency by funding low income energy efficiency programs. This bill, which prohibits the Public Utilities Commission from increasing the charge without legislative approval, could unreasonably delay future changes to the Systems Benefits Charge and undermine the restructuring system now under way.