EPA Must Recognize It's Role In The Seacoast

This was a big week in the Seacoast for addressing water quality. The EPA sponsored two day event in Exeter drew hundreds of people and showed those of us in attendance how other states are dealing with PFOS/PFAS problem and what it means for New Hampshire.

The Portsmouth Herald on Sunday said, "the EPA, through the rule of law, must mandate the cleanup and provide some level of funding as it did with its Superfund program.

That effort would start with a more stringent health advisory standard for the total of all PFAS variations, not individual ones. It’s time for government officials to acknowledge even a little bit of harmful, possibly carcinogenic, chemical waste in drinking and surface water is not acceptable."

I heard "not acceptable" many times over the two day event and agree that it's a priority to clean this up.

The Exeter event was ground breaking and the first of it's kind. New Hampshire is a leader in addressing and identifying this issue. Let's keep the pressure on the EPA to help us actually clean this up and guaranteeing safe drinking water for all of us.