State Aid To Education in NH

Business and Industry Association (BIA) Senior Vice-President David Juvet wrote that it “supports legislation that adheres to our core principles for funding education in New Hampshire.

The BIA understands the importance of providing a public education to NH residents and has a vested interest in the outcomes because NH businesses are the largest contributor of real dollars to the state Education Trust Fund, (the so-called “statewide property tax” is really just a pass through).

An educated workforce is a key component of New Hampshire’s continued economic vitality, and we look to secondary and post-secondary schools to prepare the 21st century labor pool for the modern economy, according to Juvet.

Mr. Juvet goes on in this piece in the NH Sunday News laying out some thoughts and ideas on how we might proceed and what we as legislators should consider. The entire perspective can be found below in the press link.

I’ve known Dave personally and professionally for many years and I believe he speaks with credibility and authority on behalf of most of the largest businesses in NH, and I support the BIA in searching for answers to our public education needs in NH.