NH Legislature Approves First Step in Getting Greenland a Seat on the PDA

The process of getting a Greenland representative on the Pease Development Board of Directors has begun. The NH Legislature voted Thursday February 14, 2019 to add two members to the Pease Development Authority board of directors. One of the new members will be another gubernatorial appointee and the other will be from Greenland.

HB 243 sponsored by state Sens. Martha Fuller Clark and by Tom Sherman and state Reps. Dennis Malloy and Tamara Le will be sent to the Senate for its approval.

State Rep. Dennis Malloy said the bill was created after talking with Greenland town leaders and dozens of Greenland voters who wanted a “seat at the table and help everybody understand how we can help Pease with the traffic situation we have in Greenland.”

A complete article from the Portsmouth Herald is posted below.