Legalization of Marijuana Passes House

I voted against this bill that fully legalizes and commercializes cannabis in New Hampshire. As seen from states that have commercialized marijuana, this industry targets youth. We heard extensive testimony on the harmful effects to developing brains and the increased risk of substance use disorder. New Hampshire already has a robust therapeutic marijuana program now serving over 7000 individuals.

Furthermore, the state already decriminalized marijuana in 2017 for possession of smaller amounts. HB 481 creates a commercialized marijuana industry in New Hampshire,
opening the door to all components of the marijuana business with no limits on the types of products sold or the potency of those products.

The bill also allows vaping marijuana in public places at a time when vaping has become an epidemic in our schools and communities. The bill takes away local control by automatically opting municipalities in, contrary to the recommendations of the legislative study commission’s report. Lastly, HB 481 offers no protections for employers and small businesses seeking to enact their own policies prohibiting the use, consumption, and possession of marijuana in the workplace. In the past, I voted to decriminalize a small amount, but stopped when it came to legalization. I'm in favor of medical marijuana and understand it can be used for medical treatment. described.

There are several reasons why I did not support this bill. The first is that the federal government considers cannabis an illegal substance and makes it nearly impossible for anyone to get a legitimate bank loan to start a business. I had personal (snail mail) correspondence and conversations with many people in Greenland who asked me to vote against it. I also serve on the boards of two non-profit human service agencies and members of those boards encouraged me to vote against this bill.

We know the Governor plans on vetoing the bill if it gets to his desk and we currently don't have enough votes to override a veto in the House. However, if the Senate passes the bill some folks in the House may change their vote and override a veto.

I will be visiting this bill again when it comes to the House Ways and Means Committee on which I serve. We will study how much in taxes this could raise for NH and the Committee will make a recommendation on whether to support its passage based on revenue potential and the fact that it's nearly impossible for a startup business to get a legitimate bank loan. This will be an important test for HB 481.

I do believe that someday the state will legalize marijuana. I understand this. My vote was based upon the information I was receiving and my belief that our current Governor will veto HB 481 if it gets passed the Ways and Means Committee and the Senate.