Mandatory Waiting Period on Gun Sales Passes House

The House of Representatives voted 199-147 to pass HB 514, which establishes a mandatory 7-day waiting period on gun sales in NH with few exceptions. The bill is now referred to the Senate. House Majority Leader Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey) released the following statement:

“Waiting periods can and do save lives by preventing impulsive acts of violence and suicide. Our most important job as legislators is to protect and preserve the health and safety of all New Hampshire citizens and I am pleased that the House voted today to do just that.”

“Suicide rates in NH have risen at an alarming rate of 48.3% between the years of 1999 and 2016. We know that attempting suicide with a firearm is fatal 90% of the time and that firearm suicides are cut in half in states that have waiting period legislation. It is imperative that New Hampshire join the ranks of states that take this important action to avoid violent tragedy.

Studies state that most survivors of suicide admit to contemplating their suicide attempt quickly, most only 24 hours prior. Imposing waiting periods reduces the immediate potential for gun related suicides and other impulsive acts of gun violence, saving the invaluable lives of so many.”