ACA Protections Reinforced in State Law

The House of Representatives voted 207-140 to pass HB 233, reinforcing provisions of the Affordable Care Act in state law.

“The vote on HB 233 is an important protection for the healthcare of Granite Staters and enhances the stabilization of the New Hampshire insurance market amidst any changes at the federal level. This bill provides NH citizens with security in knowing that essential health benefits, including guaranteed issue and coverage no matter the pre-existing condition, geographic rating protections and premium differential protections for age, and other parameters of the Affordable Care Act are safeguarded," according to Representative Edward Butler, (D-Harts Location)

“The ACA is under constant attack by Republican legislators in Washington. Today’s vote to reinforce essential health benefits in state law will ensure the protection of the vital and indispensable healthcare coverage that so many of our citizens rely on.”