Your NH Legislature's Accomplishments This week

This week the House Finance Committee voted 13-9 on a budget that Granite Staters can be proud of. We allocated another $164 million to our schools, gave an additional $12 million to the Department of Transportation to keep our roads and bridges safe and increased funding for mental health all while adding to our rainy day fund.

We passed a cost of living adjustment for retired state employees which provides a 1.5% cost of living adjustment on the first $50,000 of pension benefit to New Hampshire retirees in the state Retirement System, assuring that benefits are provided to those who really need it.

We passed legislation to strengthen public safety in schools. HB 564 will simply codify the federal Gun Free School Act in New Hampshire law. The intent of this legislation is to promote the safety and security of NH children as well as the sanctity of the school environment.

With this, NH joins 47 other states who have enacted legislation to allow local communities to keep schools, educators and staff in safe environments to learn and grow.