Property Tax Relief and Education Support

The NH House of Representatives voted 225-159 to pass HB 1, and 224-160 to pass HB 2, the state budget bills. House Majority Leader Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey) said, “this budget addresses the top concerns of Granite Staters, property tax relief and public education funding. For years, the pattern has been to push more and more expenses onto local communities, causing property taxes to skyrocket. The people of New Hampshire cannot afford that type of irresponsible budgeting any longer.”

“This budget that the House passed on Thursday April 11, returns money to cities and towns in the form of revenue sharing for the first time in over a decade, and significantly boosts education funding so communities can both lower property taxes and better provide for the education of our children.”

“The House budget also brings the Rainy Day Fund to a record level, while funding crucial state agencies like DCYF that the Governor’s budget ignored. House budget writers had to reverse the deficit the Governor left in the Department of Transportation, so that roads can be plowed and maintained for the safety of our citizens.”

“This budget finally begins addressing longstanding problems that we have avoided for years by kicking the proverbial can down the road. I am proud to support a budget that benefits Granite State families in every community.”