Coakley Clean-Up Bill Signed

Governor Sununu signed HB 494, enforcing the removal of contaminants from Coakley Landfill superfund site. Representative Renny Cushing (D-Hampton) the bills prime sponsor said, “Ensuring clean-up of the undeniably hazardous situation at Coakley Landfill has been a priority for many of us in the legislature for several years. The lives of Granite State families are invaluable, and it is imperative that we continue to advocate protecting people above private-entity interest. “

I am a proud co-sponsor with Rep. Cushing and strongly agree with Rep. Cushing that Granite Staters and specifically our own residents of Greenland deserve to feel safe consuming and bathing in their own water, especially since Greenland had no hand in adding contaminants to this site.

Rep. Cushing said, “It is our obligation to work to rectify the danger that contamination at Coakley Landfill presents. Studies released as recently as this year present evidence that links PFAS with a range of different cancers as well as correlates babies consuming breastmilk from mothers exposed to PFAS with long-term neurological health deficit.”

“Noting the strictest drinking water quality standards in the nation set by DES last month, it is clear that New Hampshire environmental experts recognize the critical danger that PFAS contamination presents to our state. HB 494 will ensure that the clean-up of Coakley Landfill becomes a reality and that Granite Staters can soon feel confident that their drinking water is safe, and that their health is prioritized.” Rep. Cushing thanked the Governor for his signature on this major piece of legislation.

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