Constitutional Am...

The House of Representatives voted 202-138 to defeat CACR 12, providing for the election of judges. House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) said that “electing judges would be contrary to the purpose of the judiciary, which is to apply the law fairly without prejudice to political considerations. Replacing New Hampshire’s merit selection system with election of judges simply encourages political-based rulings and invites abuse of power into the judiciary.”

“To see how dangerous elected judges can be to the fair application of law, one needs to look no further than the case of Roy Moore in Alabama. After being removed by the Court for refusing to follow valid federal law, Moore was re-elected in 2013. Judge Moore was suspended in 2016 for again refusing to adhere to federal law.”

“Judges must be independent of political pressure so that they can vindicate constitutional rights without fear of political backlash. An independent judiciary is indispensable to a just and free society.”