NH House Override...

The NH House of Representatives voted 226-113 to override Governor Sununu’s veto of SB 365, relative to the use of renewable generation to provide fuel diversity.

House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) said “The outreach that began the moment Governor
Sununu vetoed this bill was nothing short of remarkable. People who love New Hampshire, work hard every day rain or shine, every one of them shared a unique story of how this veto would
harm their family and our state.”

“House Democrats were proud to support SB 365 from the beginning because the benefits to our state were so significant. Continuing operation of our biomass energy facilities will not only save
countless New Hampshire jobs, it also assures that forest waste products can be effectively disposed of and used to our state’s benefit.”

“Allowing Governor Sununu’s veto to stand would have harmed families across the state. Our vote to override the Governor today will save jobs and protect our environment.”