A Fiscally Respon...

The House Ways and Means Committee voted to pass HB 623, which would freeze business tax rates at 2018 levels, and HB 686, which enacts a simple extension of our existing tax on interest and dividends to capital gains and provides tax relief to lower-income interest and dividend filers through increased exemptions.

Ways and Means Chair Susan Almy (D-Lebanon) and Vice-Chair Richard Ames (D-Jeffrey) said, “By freezing the business tax rate and extending the capital gains tax, we have followed through with our promise of funding critical state needs like mental health and education while simultaneously lowering the property tax burden for Granite Staters, including our small businesses, across New Hampshire. New Hampshire has the 3rd highest property tax rate in the nation and it has been increasing every year.

We will continue to push fiscally responsible solutions that will fund critical government programs while lowering property taxes."