Compromise Budget...

The NH House passed HB 3 and HB 4, budget bills containing the compromise agreement between legislative leaders and Governor Sununu on Wednesday September 25, 2019.

“The bipartisan budget passed Wednesday preserves the priorities House Democrats have been fighting for all year. Increased support for public education, expanded availability of mental health services, and increased access to affordable health care are Democratic initiatives that will move New Hampshire forward and protect the most vulnerable in our state,” according to House Majority Leader Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey).

Leader Ley added that “This budget provides unprecedented support to our local communities, which will help alleviate the growing pressure on local property taxpayers. This budget increases state funding for public education by $138 million, providing more support to local school districts than ever before. An additional $40 million will be distributed to communities in unrestricted municipal aid, which this budget restored for the first time in a decade.”

“By making critical investments in mental health services and implementing long overdue increases in Medicaid reimbursement rates to support health care providers, this budget provides the necessary resources to tackle the opioid and mental health crises facing our state.”

Leader Ley thanks his colleagues in the House and Senate, particularly Finance Chairs Wallner and D’Allesandro, for their work to find consensus on a budget that moves New Hampshire forward, and said that he’s “proud that we were able to deliver for the people of New Hampshire today.”