NH House Votes To...

The House of Representatives voted 200-97 today to pass SB 12, which would repeal the requirement to obtain a permit prior to carrying a concealed weapon. After the vote, House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff released the following statement:
“The 94-year old requirement to obtain a permit before carrying a concealed weapon is one of the commitments to public safety that results in New Hampshire being frequently cited as one of the safest states in the nation,” said Representative Shurtleff.

“A poll by Survey USA released just last week confirmed that the people of New Hampshire strongly oppose this effort to repeal the concealed carry license. A full 80% of Granite Staters stated that they support our current law, which allows concealed weapons to be kept away from individuals that should not have them, including those with dementia or alcoholism.”

"The urgency that House leadership exhibited in rushing this bill through the legislative process gives a clear signal to the priorities of Republican lawmakers this term. Senate bills have traditionally only been taken up prior to House bills in the most urgent of situations. The fact that House Republicans would rush legislation which is opposed by 80% of Granite Staters shows that their priorities are with their party, not the people they represent.”

The 94 year-old law was supported by the NH Police Chiefs Association, and I chose to support their efforts our behalf of the safety of NH citizens and our law enforcement community. Under the now repealed law, citizens who were denied the permit to carry a concealed weapon were able to appeal that decision.