Thanks From AFL-CIO

I just received a thank-you note from AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett for my suppport of working families in NH.

President Brackett said, "I want to extend my sincerest thanks for your support in defeating so-called Right to Work legislation. We particularly appreciate the extra efforts made by House Democrats to brave the wintery weather and be in attendance when the SB11 vote was called."

He adds that, "this victory belongs to all of us who care about the security of Granite State working families and the quality of life in our communities. "

In my view, the issue is good wages, protecting middle-class jobs and advancing workplace fairness in our state. These are values that I believe we all share.


Right To Work Is ...

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 200-177 to defeat SB 11, legislation that would establish so-called “right to work” in the state.

House Democratic leader Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) said: “The strong, bipartisan vote against so-called ‘right to work’ today is great news for New Hampshire workers. As we have seen in other states, ‘right to work’ laws result in reduced wages and make it harder for people to earn a living that supports a family. While this divisive issue was a distraction from the pressing matters facing our state, the House’s vote to ‘Indefinitely Postpone’ SB 11 ends debate on the issue for the rest of this term. The legislature’s focus can now shift to the state budget and our response to the opioid crisis, where it should have been all along.”

Representative Doug Ley (D-Jaffrey), the Ranking Democrat on the House Labor Committee said: “Today’s vote was a confirmation of what we determined in the House Labor Committee, where Democrats and Republicans worked together to recommend defeat of so-called ‘right to work.’ With a strong economy and the lowest unemployment rate in America, legislation that reduces wages and interferes with the employer/employee relationship is the last thing our state needs. I am very pleased that the full House agreed with the bipartisan Labor Committee recommendation, and that we can finally put this issue behind us.”